Hong Kong Extreme Selfies

PIC BY ALEXANDER REMNOV / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED Alexander Remon (Green Tshirt) Danila (Sunglasses) and Eric (pink and white T-shirt) take a selfie at the top of The Centre Tower, Hong Kong, China) These breath-taking images taken from the top of skyscrapers are wrong on so many levels. Captured using a specially adapted selfie stick, the sweat inducing images show the lengths some people will go to for the most extreme self portrait. Pictured at heights over 360 metres in the air, the nerve shredding photographs show the group of photographers dangling by one hand and even tip-toeing across tiny ledges. Seemingly unfazed by the dazzling heights, the barmy bunch ventured around the city of Hong Kong in search of any building that caught their eye. SEE CATERS COPY **NOT FOR SALE / USE IN RUSSIA / POLAND**

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